art comes in many forms

Currently residing in South London in my small flat overlooking a beautiful park.

I’m an artist from Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa, and have lived and worked in other parts of Africa, North America and the UK.

I am a textile artist, an artist who works with linocuts, an artist who works with colour pencils and pens.  I enjoy working with these media and incorporate them in small gift ideas to larger creations.  I get immense joy from sourcing materials to seeing them form a life of their own.

I love creating and experiencing art. 

I have one son and two grandchildren. A lot of my influences derive from the bonds of motherhood, the inseparable ties that have lead us through mountainous heights of adversity and oceans of joy and happiness.  The cultures of the world also strongly influence me however my foundations are strongly influenced by the African diaspora which opens the senses, which ignites the memories of my childhood.

Fanon (Linocut: A1)
Mama power (Pencil/Pen)
Antelope (Textile)
Iguana (Textile: 26" by 42")
Purple petal (Pencil/Pen)
Ecstasy (Textile)
Hut (Textile)
Noble (Pencil/Pen)
Birds Eye (Textile)
Kondo I (Textile)

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”

-Diane Arbus-

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