'I absolutely love fabrics, the feel of fabrics, the vibrancy of colour especially from African and Asian traditional patterns however I find that I tend to use soft colours a lot more.

I enjoy the juxtapositions of different fabrics mixed together and seeing how well they fit the whole.

My appliques vary in size from a miniature to large decorative pieces. I find them quite therapeutic to work on and get great joy from visiting fabric suppliers, ploughing through numerous fabrics and encountering the fabrics which just fits. I often allow the fabric to determine the art and by doing so find the end result to be quite organic'


Accepting commissions. Sold pieces can be re-commissioned but I will ensure that your piece has unique elements to it to keep them original.

SALAMANDER. This work reminds me of my childhood in different countries in Africa, running, chasing, playing with them. (Textile: 30" x 44")
Peach (Textile: SOLD)
Kondo I (Textile: SOLD)
Five Leaves (depicting the union of nations on one common stem) (Textile)
Fish Blue (Textile: SOLD)
Golden Goose (Textile: SOLD)
Red Leaf (Textile: SOLD)
Immortality (Textile: SOLD)
Birds Eye (Textile: 23" x 27")
Ecstasy. I love the free nature of this piece. (Textile: 29" x 37")
Antelope (Textile: SOLD)
Hut (Textile: SOLD)
White Sail (Textile: SOLD)
Gold Leaf (Textile: SOLD)
Waiting (Textile: SOLD)
Purple Tulip (Textile: 14" X 40")
Prosperous (Textile)
Jack Mack (Textile: SOLD)
Blue Wing (Textile: SOLD)
Blue Bottle (Textile: SOLD)
Llama (Textile: SOLD)
Gold Plated (Textile: SOLD)
Autumn Leaf (Textile: 27" X 32")
Golda (Textile: 32" X 48")
Fish Regal (Textile: SOLD)
Gold Fish (Textile:SOLD)
Blue Wave (Textile)
Red Eye (Textile)
Herring Bone (Textile)
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